Radiant Heater Installation in East Windsor

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Most East Windsor, NJ, residents rely on forced-air heating or baseboard heating systems to keep their homes warm and comfortable. However, if you’re planning on building or renovating your home, or it’s time to replace that furnace, consider a radiant heat system as an alternative. If you want more information, call us for a consultation.

If your energy bills are going up, and it’s challenging to get comfortable in your home, our heater repairs might be the answer.

Advantages of Radiant Heat Installation

Radiant heating or in-floor heating systems differ from conventional heating in that it supplies heat directly to the floor or panels in the walls or ceiling. The reason many people prefer radiant heat systems is because it’s more efficient than forced-air systems. With conventional furnaces, it’s common to lose heat through ductwork, and radiant heat systems eliminate this problem. Also, unlike forced-air systems, radiant heat doesn’t spread allergens throughout the house. Contact us for a consultation to find out if radiant heating is right for your home.

Types of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

There are three primary types of floor heating systems from which to choose, and your contractor can explain which method is the best fit for you.

  • Air Heated Floor Heating: This system isn’t ideal for residential applications because air doesn't hold large amounts of heat. Many who use this system pair it with either a furnace or solar heating to adequately heat the home.
  • Electric Radiant Floors: With this system, the installer sets electric cables into the floor. However, with the often high cost of electricity, these systems usually work best with concrete floors or floors with enough mass to store heat to keep you comfortable throughout the day.
  • Hydronic Radiant Floors: By far, the most popular system, the hydronic system pumps heated water from a boiler through tubes laid under the floor.

If you’re interested in adding one of these systems to your home, call us to find out which works best for your application.

Not sure if a heat pump system is right for your home? Call our licensed experts for honest recommendations and to schedule your service.

How to Know You Need In Floor Heating Repair?

Although radiant floor heating is the perfect system for many East Windsor, NJ, homeowners, it can develop problems that require the help of a professional.

One of the most common problems is improper installation. While radiant heating is increasing in popularity, many contractors install them incorrectly by not putting in enough tubing to do the job. Also, there’s the possibility that a properly installed system goes wrong, such as a broken aquastat, which causes lower boiler temperatures. And, there’s the possibility of water damage when using a hydronic system.

If you have a radiant floor heating system installed, and experience problems or aren’t getting the heat you desire, call Conway Comfort Heating & Cooling for help.

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